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Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 3
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This is the third collected volume of Grimm Fairy Tales comics. It contains issues 13-18 which were published between ??? and ???. There have been three editions.


Grimm Fairy Tales issues #13-18, includes cover gallery and an additional short story entitled 'Wicked Ways' Fables and fairy tales have been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years and have survived multiple interpretations and retellings but there has never been an adaptation quite like this! Zenescopes Grimm Fairy Tales has quickly become one of the most intriguing and best selling comic books in the world. By exploring a much darker side of the infamous fables you heard as a child these classic tales are retold and re-imagined with a terrifying twist youll simply love as an adult! When a young man is transformed into a hideous beast he is granted a short time to change his abusive ways. But when he falls for a beautiful girl who doesnt seem to feel the same for him, his rage might prove too be the ultimate downfall Spending the majority of their time getting high and committing random crimes three racist teens receive an unwanted visit from a big bad wolf who is out to prove that some pigs dont deserve a second chance A mother goes to extreme measures to keep her daughter from falling for a troubled young man, but her meddlesome behavior sparks a chain of events that can only lead to tragedy. From Beauty and the Beast to The Juniper Tree, Zenescope presents six classic fables with six incredible new twists that will leave you wanting more!



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